Terms and Conditions

  • Wire transfer fee: Euro/USD 30.00 for all international shipments.
  • Price is only valid for the quantity mentioned per shipment, if there will be a change in quantity please revert for pricing.
  • All orders should be placed through: webinquiry@aerospace-acc.com
  • Any order placed through this website may be subject to an application for export license. This may result in a delay to the order process. Products will not be manufactured or prepared until an export license is granted or deemed unnecessary by the related export licensing authorities. In order to apply for an export license, we may require you to disclose details of end user and/or project.
  • All pending order for 3 months or more (payment and/or order revision) without any update will be automatically cancelled in our system.
  • Once payment is received and order is processed for shipment, order cancellation will not be accepted.