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  • Alkaline rust and scale removerSAE ARP 1755B (conformance)CFMI CFM56Rolls Royce CSS244 & OMatSNECMA DMR 70-620GE SPMC 70-80-04Pratt & Whitney SPMC 70-12-00

  • LEADTIME: 4 weeksAirbus: CML 09EBB1,ATR: ATR72 SRM 12-008,Bombardier: DHMS-S5.03,Dassault Aviation: Falcon CMLMcDonnell DouglasCSD # 1 (Conformance)Messier-Bugatti-Dowty: PCS 2700SNECMA : DMR 70-129Boeing: D6-17487Messier-Bugatti-Dowty: SPM 32-09-01  Section 28McDonnell DouglasDPM   6839 – Paint stripper

  • Long term corrosion preventative Dassault Aviation: DGQT, Type IIIa SNECMA: DMR 75-610 BTurbomeca: Note Technique, No. 5098Aerospatiale: PQ 816.00Messier-Bugatti-Dowty:SPM 32-09-01,Section 10Messier-Bugatti-Dowty:IFC 30-135-01ETurbomeca: TS 00706

  • Temporary corrosion protective, water displacing Airbus   TN A.007.10138Type I, Grade 1Airbus   I+D-N-11  Anti-corrosive protectionsAirbus   CML 12ABE2 Corrosion Preventive Compound - Water Displacing Oily Film SystemAirbus   TN A.007.10050Water repellent fluid     

  • Aircraft exterior cleaner, general purpose, concentrate Airbus UK: ABP 8-1354 (Conformance)Society of Automotive Engineers: AMS 1527 (Conformance)Boeing:BAC 5744McDonnell Douglas: CSD # 1 (Conformance)Boeing:D6-17487 (Conformance)British Ministry of Defence: DEF STAN 79-17Society of Automotive Engineers: AMS 1526 (Conformance)Airbus:  CML 08ABC1...

Showing 1 - 5 of 14 items