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  • BAC 5317, BAC 5412, BAC 5157, BAC 5153, BAC 5307 TYII, MIL-I-19166C, FAR FAR 25.853

  • ALUMINUM FOIL, GLASS CLOTHA high temperature heat and EMI/RFI shielding tape that exhibits outstanding radiant heat reflectivity and thermal stability at extremely high temperatures for short periods of time. This product is ideal for use In aerospace and automotive markets

  • MIL-T-23397B,L-T-80B, ABS 5604A, ABS 5604AL, BAC 5332,BAC 5514,BAC 5555, BAC 5986, FAR 25 853,

  • P-306 is a heavy-duty, lead free, PVC film tape engineered specifically for the corrosion resistant covering of pipes and conduits installed either above or below ground making this product ideal for use in various aerospace, industrial, housing and construction markets.SPEC: BAC 5307, BAC 5412

  • P-306L, 10mil Viny Tape (Unprinted Surface)used as a moisture barrier on the floors of aircraft in the galley areas and lavatories. It prevents any moisture or liquids from getting under the flooring of the Aircraft. SPEC: MIL-T-23397B,L-T-80B

Showing 1 - 5 of 10 items