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P/S 870 B-1/2 (Semkit)

New product

Specification: BMS5-95K, TYPE I, CLASS B-1/2
Lockheed-Georgia Co-STM 40-111, Class B1/2
Boeing: BMS 5-95K, TYPE I, CLASS B-1/2
General Dynamics-Convair: 760-04008-3
MIL-S-81733C, TYPE 2-1/2
Grumman: GC115AP-05


40€ per Semkit

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 24

Data sheet

Container Size: 100 ml semkit
IATA Packing Charge: Euro 10.00 / Packing
Packaging Size: 24 Semkit / Box
Transport Information: UN 3082
Certificate of Conformity Fee: Free of Charge